It’s all about the team.

It takes more than just programmers to produce great software. That’s why high-performing teams are central to every service we offer. Our tailor-made teams of software pros will deliver value to your customers right away. Whether you’re launching a new product, adding capacity to a maturing product, or bolstering the skill set of your existing teams, Sketch can help.

Attend John Krewson’s session at Better Software East 2016!

If you’re attending Better Software East in Orlando this fall, be sure to catch his workshop, “Experiencing Emergence Through Sketch Comedy” on November 17th at 11:30 AM.

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  • uncertainty

    One of the reasons that Agile works so well in software development environments is that Agile teams recognize and manage the presence of uncertainty. Uncertainty is everywhere in development: in the specifics of the feature, in the implementation of the feature, in the integration of...

  • weekly-inspection

    I recently spoke at Agile 2016 in Atlanta about the power of involuntary feedback, and how you could build a company on top of the assumption that everything is going to change at some point. The way you do this is by having a system...

  • commitment

    When we talk about commitment, we’re either talking about a promise to deliver something specific, usually on a specific date, or we’re talking about the level of personal investment we’re putting into building the thing. We get into trouble when we allow our customers to...

  • hamilton-rehearsal

    I was reading a New York Times article about Jeffrey Seller, the lead producer of Hamilton. He’s basically the guy that puts up the money to make the show in the hopes that it will be a success. While the show was in rehearsals, when he wanted to know...

  • gloves

    When is it okay to ship software that has known defects? Recently, while coaching a team in the middle of an agile transformation, I facilitated a conversation about this very topic. It started off as a discussion about process (who decides when a story is...

  • growth-mindset

    Author Carol Dweck has completely changed the way I approach the world. I’m a smart guy. I’m no genius but I’m pretty smart. Through most of my life, I’ve been able to get by just by being smart. For the most part it has turned...

  • outcome-output

    A new ScrumMaster wanted to know what to do with a 20 point story that wasn’t complete at the end of an iteration. I explained to her that the story and its points move to the next iteration, but she wasn’t happy with the approach....

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